Top Ten Worst Moments in NFL History

ProFootballTalk is doing the ten worst moments of each team since 1987 when they had the strike, so now it is my turn…

Not in any order…

1. The Browns move to Baltimore from Cleveland after many years of Championship futility (not since 1964, correct?), and then become the Ravens and proceed a few years later to win the Super Bowl…meanwhile, the Browns come back to life (in a manner of speaking) a couple of years later in Cleveland and then proceed to suck like they’ve been doing for about fifty years! And to top that off, having to live in Cleveland! (Okay, okay, it’s not Detroit!)

2. The Detroit Lions, since 1958. AND having to live in Detroit! (Yeah, I know…they will be a real powerhouse in 2011–NOT! I mean, we’re talking the LLLLLLLLLLLions here!)

3. The Bills losing four straight Super Bowls, and sucking since then…AND living in Buffalo!

4. The Steelers not drafting Dan Marino. Think about what that would have meant: from their inception (no, it wasn’t immaculate!) until 1972, the Steelers were the epitome of futility. Then came 1972 and the Immaculate Reception and then the 1970s where they were indeed the best of the decade so that they did indeed dominate the 70s. In the 90s, they were good for the most part, and, in the 2000s, they were very very good (but not great). Now, they could have been at least almost great in the 80s, but they weren’t, and weren’t even good for the most part, because they didn’t draft Dan Marino, who, IMHO, was wasted in Miami (because they didn’t have the defense nor the running game to be good enough to win Super Bowls despite having Don Shula coaching them). Marino should have won at least one Super Bowl, period, end of story. He would have in Pittsburgh.

5. The advent of the WFL. If the WFL had never come into being…for one thing, it might have been the Dolphins, not the Steelers, who would have dominated the 70s, but not only that, suddenly fans realized that many players were not in it for the glory and macho like fans had always believed before, but in many cases solely for the money. Team loyalty went out the window for good.

6. Pat Tillman gets a big rookie contract from the Cardinals but then decides a year later to sign up to “fight Osama” in Afghanistan, goes over there, and then instead of a hero’s welcome gets killed by “friendly fire” which some to this day (especially Tillman’s folks) think was deliberate because Tillman became increasingly anti-war…and while the NFL and several players and coaches continue to “support the troops,” it is as if Tillman died for nothing not only on behalf of the US but on behalf of the ethos of the NFL as well. I mean, has Goodell or anyone else actually honored this guy?

7. Owners screwing their fans: first the Colts “Midnight Escape” to Indianapolis, then Art Modell does the same thing (almost) to Cleveland (see above), and now, the Vikings might have to move to LA. The Los Angeles Vikings? And then they screw the fans even when they stay, because it is the taxpayers, not the owners, who pay for these stadiums..except for the ones who pay for their own stadiums, such as Joe Robbie, late owner of the Fins.

8. The strike of 1982.

9. The work stoppage of 1987 (and very short strike that year, when “replacement players” were used).

10. The lockout of 2011, and the cuts in employee pay because of it–not to mention the fact that neither the players nor owners will budge on their positions, and of course the 2-Republican, 1-Democrat 8th Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled exactly the way 2 Repubs and 1 Dem would be expected to rule–in favor of business and against labor. And now the Supreme Court, who could care less if fans get their football or not. And if me and Ray Lewis are correct, the millionaires and billionaires who are taking away our bread and circuses in the fall just might regret they ever messed with a testosterone-filled, already fed up with the government and its owners in the banks and on Wall St. Gee, what will a whole bunch of dissaffected folks (some with guns) do if they can’t have their NFL football on Sundays? In other words, it would behoove the powers that be in football (and everywhere else) to stop this lockout crap and make sure fans have football.

Among other things, it’ll provide more jobs for the TSA types that’ll be (maybe) groping folks going into football stadiums to see their teams play…


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There is no NFL football within 500 miles of my house, or more. I root for the following teams: first and foremost the Miami Dolphins, but also the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, and S. Louis Rams
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