Right. An Eagles-Jets Super Bowl.

I’ve said there ain’t no team really worthy of being picked for the Super Bowl in the 2011-2012 season. All 32 teams have a reason why it should not be in the Big Game. There really are no truly elite teams. Well, not by standards I have come to expect.

What makes a truly Super Bowl worthy team? Great coaching. Great QB. Great Defense. Talent, but not only talent, a TEAM, where the individual is subordinate to the TEAM.

Nowadays, it seems you don’t need all of these or even most of them to win the Super Bowl. Not since the 2004-2005 Patriots, anyway, who had great coaching (BB), great QB (Brady), great defense, good talent but half the guys on that team were virtual unknowns who subordinated themselves to the team and gave all to the team. No Patriots team since then has had these qualities enough to win the Super Bowl, which is why they haven’t.

The subsequent Super Bowl winners have had MOST of these qualities, but not all of them. The 2005-06 Steelers had a Roethlisberger who was just a second year QB, not a great one. The 2006-07 Colts had a great QB and coaching, but certainly not a great defense overall. The 2007-08 Giants had a great defense, but Eli Manning was not a great QB and Coughlin was not a great coach. The 2008-09 Steelers? Roethlisberger was now a great QB, but Tomlin, a good coach, was still not a great coach. The 2009-10 Saints? They perhaps come closest to being the ideal Super Bowl winner, but much of their success was predicated on the kharma principal-payback for what the Saints went through after Katrina. The 2010 Packers have most of it too, but is Mike McCarthey a great coach? Actually, the only great coach in the NFL now is STILL Bill Belichick, but with an asterisk: the man cheated. Tomlin and Payton are close, but still…

Rex Ryan is NOT a great coach! Sorry, he’s not. Get over it, media! He’s not! It is just that you love the guy. And he coaches in New York. And he has a good-looking, better-looking-than-even-Joe-Namath QB who also appears to be charismatic to go with Bart Scott, who also appears to be charismatic. But then again, they play for New York. And, because of hot-shot Sanchez and big-mouth Scott, Rex Ryan is a great coach. NO, HE’S NOT! What has he done??

Oh, yeah! He’s told the world the Jets will win the Super Bowl this year! Guess what? he told them the Jets will win the Super Bowl last year! But, what the hell, this is Rex Ryan talking so I guess (says the media) the Jets really will win the Super Bowl.

But now, of course, the Jets won’t just walk away with the Lombardi Trophy.

Some are now saying the Jets will NOT win the Super Bowl, because the Eagles WILL win the Super Bowl! Why? Because they got Nnamdi. Sorry, can’t spell his last name without looking like an idiot, so I won’t even try. So it’s Nnamdi. The Eagles will win the Big Game because of Nnamdi. And Vince Young. And Cullen Jenkins. And Dominique Rogers-Cromartie. And Andi Reid. Andi Reid, you know, is another great coach. What makes Andi Reid a great coach? Well, he made Donovan McNabb what he used to be (a great QB) and he made Micheal Vick what he is now, a great QB. and if Vince Young has to take over for Vick, Reid will make VY a great QB as well.

And how else do we know that there will be an Eagles-Jets Super Bowl? Because last year the Jets went bughouse crazy signing free agents, and this year the Eagles are doing it too. And they have great coaches and the Eagles have a great QB and the Jets have…well, Sanchez doesn’t need to be a great QB because Rex Ryan said so and “the Sanchize” can let the defense do all the work, so…. And the Eagles have Nnamdi while the Jets have Revis Island and the Eagles have LeSean and the Jets have “Holmes-boy” and the Eagles have this and the Jets have that.

And the Eagles are this year’s Miami Heat while the Jets were last year’s Miami Heat and so…

But, the Miami Heat play BASKETBALL! In BASKETBALL, you have 5 guys on the Court and it is not unreasonable that some “big three” or whatever can get you to the championship game based just on those three alone.

FOOTBALL has eleven guys in one series of plays and then another eleven guys in the next series. All 5 guys in basketball can play both offense and defense, but in football, only eleven on offense and then eleven on defense can be on the field at one time, and, therefore, elementary my dear Clayton, you need TWENTY-TWO guys–and let’s not forget every now and then you have to punt the ball and make field goals!–no, make that TWENTY-FOUR guys who can get the job done, and you have to put the best twenty-four guys possible out there to play (and, as tough as football is, you need good reserves as well…the Eagles have Young to back-up Vick…who the heck backs up “the Sanchize”? didn’t they just cut Mark Brunell?)

Therefore, you have to do more than sign a few superstars and look great on paper and impress the media. That is what the Heat did–in basketball, mind you–and they STILL didn’t win the NBA! (Note: and the Mavs did win the NBA, and good golly miss molly a white guy–A WHITE GUY!!!–got them to it! What’s this world coming to?)

A Jets-Eagles Super Bowl?

Sounds great on paper, eh?



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There is no NFL football within 500 miles of my house, or more. I root for the following teams: first and foremost the Miami Dolphins, but also the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, and S. Louis Rams
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